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What are the ways to identify whether a link is safe to proceed?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

safe link

Good day to all!

Concerned about the security of unknown links?

Here's a quick guide to help you ensure the safety of the links you interact with: (1) Make sure the link uses HTTPS; (2) Use a link checker tool; (3) Examine Google reviews; (4) Search for contact info provided; (5) Use an anti-virus software to detect the security status of the link. This way we can know status of a safe link.

Stay vigilant against phishing and unsecured links in order to protect your personal & company’s info and data!

At DataPost, we are specializes in providing top-notch Cybersecurity solutions: From End Point Detection & Response (EDR), and Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) to Penetration Tests, our comprehensive services are designed to fortify your company against cyber threats.

Discover the range of services tailored to your unique needs by visiting us at [].

Your safety is our priority - Safeguard your business now!

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