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Multi channel delivery
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Get a head start into the digital age with multi-format document digitization to multi-channel delivery.

Be it 10 or a million mails,
personalize every delivery

Consumers of the digital age are used to getting access to information in an instant. Likewise with their documents; Mr. A for example, may want hardcopies of his bills and even have it sent as an e-mail attachment, or better yet, through an app.


More than physical to e-delivery or vice versa, document logistics in the digital world is not just extracting of data or data printing. Multi-channel communication is about centrally processing all communication for any delivery medium, any types of business process. 

Dynamic documents


Using conditional logic, dynamic documents are created where the entire layout varies with the input, producing documents designed and personalized for each individual recipient. 

personalized programming

Personalized Programming

DataPost's print programs are flexible and user-friendly, allowing you to layout and format the content of your bills, statements, promotional letters, policies, etc. Compose and format your correspondences easily and effectively. 

Automated mail

Automated Mail Processing & Fulfilment

Our advanced enveloping machines are equipped to group and segregate statements belonging to different accounts through optical readers. 

Be more intentional with your marketing strategy through automated insertion of promotional brochures in generic or selective basis, at high speed.

An Overview

From defined rules for your corporate design to various output formats with personalized data and content, DataPost manages the entire document cycle in a centralized system.

document digitization
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