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Safeguarding the cyber safety of your company: our top priority.

At Datapost, we specialize in providing top-notch cyber security solutions that protect your business from cyber threats. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry, and we use the latest techonology to keep your data safe. 
experience and certified
Experience & Certified

Our highly skilled team and robust processes allow us to manage and mitigate risks swiftly. 

lower cost
Lower Cost

No capital expenditure and no additional headcount.

24/7 monitoring
24/7 Monitoring

Round the clock monitoring and support. 

Who are we

Why cybersecurity?

In the hyper-connected world we live in, cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues for businesses today. In 2021, Singapore saw a 145% year-on-year increase in cyberattacks with 65% of those organizations hit by ransomware, half of them paying an average of US $1.9 million to recover their data.


We are partnering with Vigilant Asia, an award-winning Managed Security Service Provider, to offer you a range of cybersecurity services and solutions that can be tailored to your business, regardless of the size or industry.

managed detection and response


A managed cyber security service that provides intrusion detection of malware and malicious activity in your organization’s network.


  • 24x7 Continuous monitoring, response, and expert  recommendations

  • Proactively managed threat hunting on networks & endpoints

  • Incident reports & monthly executive reports

  • Advisory service

  • Reduced operation cost

Security information


A tool that ingests and analyzes mass amounts of security event data from a range of other systems, like firewall software, network routers, and intrusion detection and prevention software.


  • Better network visibility

  • Improved compliance example PCISDSS, HIPAA

  • Faster detection and response


Sophisticated, dynamic protection against cyber threats targeting mobile devices.


  • Provides users with information on nearby Wi-Fi networks and their potential risks

  • Users receive alerts and recommendations when connected to high-risk networks

  • Information on app activity on their device; background scans and security checks


Assess the security posture of your organization through simulated attacks. A penetration test report helps you identify and prioritize the critical risks and vulnerabilities within your environment so you can fix them.


•Manage and mitigate cyber-risks

•Gain and maintain compliance with regulatory bodies

•Enhance the visibility of your environments


Disruption of Operations

Time of Restoration of Business 

Cost of Recovery

Loss of Brand Equity

Drop in Stock Price

Lost of Turst from Customers

Schedule a consultation with us to find out which services and solutions best suits your company’s needs. 

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