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e-invoicing connectivity

E-INVOICING (InvoiceNow) 

Automate your processes for faster payment cycles and efficient cross-border collaborations with DataPost

  • Web Portal 

  • SFTP Connectivity 

  • API Connectivity

In support of IMDA's InvoiceNow framework. DataPost is a certified access point. It helps you to connect to any organization without migration of systems. Eliminate manual handling of transactions, get paid faster.


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Automate with E-Invoicing

Minimized processing time, instant payments = more working capital

E-invoicing means sending and handling bills between sellers and buyers online. It's done without needing people to type or change things, unlike in PDFs or Word documents. DataPost helps with IMDA's InvoiceNow. They are making it simple to connect with any group without changing your own systems. This cuts down on manual work and errors, so you can do more important stuff.

With E-invoicing, DataPost also uses "Peppol Singapore". It's a system that makes online billing easy and safe. You can send bills to anyone quickly. It works well with different types of businesses. This means less paper and quicker payments. Overall, it makes handling bills smoother and more efficient.

InvoiceNow with DataPost


Automated processing of invoice = faster payments


Standard invoice format, no more logging into different vendor portals, less admin work.


Cross-border invoice processing standardized on the InvoiceNow network


Near real-time visibility of payment statuses


Fund your business growth with invoice financing

How to connect

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Want to get onboard instant payments and reduced costs?

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Beyond E-Invoicing

DataPost Pte Ltd, as an official Access Point, offers easy-to-use e-invoicing software. This allows businesses to join smoothly with little change to their current invoicing systems. DataPost follows InvoiceNow standards for document processing. They also provide extra services like invoice financing, creating SG QR Codes for invoices. And combining archiving and payments in one place. Plus, DataPost helps make payment files that are accepted by major banks in the region.


E-invoice Software as a Service

Minimal changes

Minimal changes to existing software

Payment file standard

Generation of ISO20022 compliant payment files supported by major regional banks

SG QR Code

SG QR code generating of invoices

Security compliance

Over 25 years experience and knowledge in data privacy and transactional data

Cash tied? Slow payment cycles?
No worries.

  • We offer a complete e-invoicing and invoice financing solution.

  • Transparent fee structure

  • No hidden charges.

online invoicing and payment processing

Fast working capital

Low interest rate

Starts from just 0.8% per month.

Easy credit assessment

Simply upload credit documents for review

No collateral

No property pledge or deposits required

Quick funding

Upon approval, get funds in 2 business days or less.

Extended tenors

Increase your credit terms to extra weeks or months

Seamless, Simplified & Secured








Get InvoiceNow-ready with DataPost without migrating your systems or complicated integration. Backed by our years of experience in secured data handling. Our e-invoicing services meet the security compliance of our customers. And Helps you to automate not only securely but effectively.

Getting started by contacting us at to leverage on the benefits of going digital.  

  • When should an e-invoice be generated?
    An e-invoice should be created after a product is sold or a service is provided. This ensures all transaction details, like amount and service description, are captured accurately. The e-invoice is then sent to the customer's email or through an online system. Sending e-invoices promptly helps in getting faster payments and keeping financial records up-to-date.
  • Who are required to make e-invoice?
    Businesses that are part of certain e-invoicing networks are required to make e-invoices. This usually includes companies engaged in B2B (Business to Business) transactions. Governments in some countries also mandate e-invoicing for public sector transactions. The requirement for e-invoicing can vary based on the country's regulations and the company's business practices.
  • Does electronic invoice require signature?
    Electronic invoices generally do not require a traditional handwritten signature. They often use digital methods to verify authenticity and integrity. This can include digital signatures or unique identification codes. The specific requirements can vary depending on the country's laws and the business sector.
  • How do I check the status of an e-invoice?
    To check the status of an e-invoice, log in to the e-invoicing platform you used. Look for a section like 'Invoice Status' or 'Transaction History'. Here, you can see if the invoice was sent, received, or paid. Some platforms also send notifications or updates about your invoice's status.
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