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With over 25 years of Secured Data Handling experience, DataPost proves to be the largest service bureau in Southeast Asia.

Established in 1994, DataPost is the region’s market leader in handling secured data services, and the largest entity of this industry in Singapore, with the capacity and capability to process data into various digital and physical output.


Our secure operational environments are audited regularly by the Banks and external auditors adhering strictly to local regulatory body outsourcing guidelines. These audits address the physical and IT security controls for confidential information handling. Our experience and proficiency in providing over 40 million impressions per month and established customer base endorses DataPost to be the trusted Industry leader as a Secured Data Handling Business Service provider. 

DataPost is a majority owned subsidiary of trusted services provider, ADERA Global Pte Ltd. From Smart cards manufacturing, ADERA has evolved its business model to a FinTech driven business offering end-to-end solutions from digital ID enrolment and authentication with our biometric technologies, to cashless and secure, real time digital payment solution.

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OSPAR Compliant

ISO 9001

Our Core Strengths

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Business Continuity

With two operational sites, we ensure that mission-critical mailings have an alternative backup in the event of power failures or when a site becomes non-operational.

Fast Turnaround

Located centrally, we can lodge mailers directly at all operating hours without the hassle for transportation and bagging for lodgement.

Maximum Confidentiality & Security

To ensure confidentiality of your data, all DataPost's staff undergo stringent security clearance before being employed. They are also bound by a secrecy provision forbidding disclosure of any confidential information.

Stringent Quality Management

DataPost is committed to continual improvement and customer satisfaction. Our commitment is demonstrated by the extensive business certification attained like certification by International Standards Organization's 9001:2015 series. 

Cost Efficiency

Through the years of continual process improvements, we have achieved lower costs through our high volumes, efficiencies and maximum postage discounts which translate into greater savings for you without sacrificing quality & service. 

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