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Intelligently capture important data from documents fast

DataVio leverages smart OCR technology to capture, extract, and

process valuable data from your documents

Make your workflows smarter, handle data with ease, and have
all the information you need ready at your fingertips.

How DataVio works

DataVio leverages advanced OCR technology and algorithms to identify and extract data from the Word documents, PDFs and images you upload.

data extraction

data processing

While our advanced pattern recognition software helps to make sense of the data captured, you can also set custom rules for more accurate processing.

Output data in
convenient formats

DataVio outputs your extracted data in CSV format, providing the right data structure for your workflow.

Are you still spending hours manually...

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Capturing and inputting data from documents.

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Rectifying all
human errors.

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Checking to make sure each record is correct.

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Incurring costs, energy,
and time that could
be spent elsewhere.

It's time to shift gears. With so much going on in your business, you have more important things to do than manual data processing and entry — but who's going to get it done if not you or your team?

DataVio can help solve your problems

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See DataVio in action and how we can
support your workflow

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Trusted by leading companies

With DataVio, our team has been supporting hundreds of MNCs, SMEs, and
government institutions locally and internationally.

Industries and use cases

Looking for the right use case for DataVio? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the industries in which DataVio is used today to speed up data capture and processing, while saving manpower and resources.

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  • Capture key terms from confidentiality obligations

  • Support address change request form

  • Extract key information from new application (eg. credit card application)

Banking & Financial Services

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  • Digitisation of patient documents and records

  • Extraction of key data from patient's medical history and record

  • Capture key information from medical research papers and literature

Healthcare and Medical

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  • Easy to extract an answer from examination paper

  • Support multiple-choice answer sheet

Higher Education and
Learning Centres

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  • Extract key contract expiration dates, renewal dates, and liabilities and obligations

  • Support multiple-choice answer sheet

  • Group contracts and their related documents (e.g., amendments) to get the most current terms extracted

Legal and Compliance Services

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  • Digitisation of customer data, statistics, and insights

  • Automated processing of invoices and receipts

Food & Beverages and Retail

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  • Digitisation of delivery orders, packing lists, customs documents, and proof of delivery (POD)

  • Extraction of data from packing lists to speed up delivery

  • Extract shipping data and eliminate human errors from manually reading shipping labels

Global Trade

…the use cases are many.
To discover if we are the right fit for you, schedule a demo with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Packages and Pricing

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  • 500 pages

  • 1 Admin, 1 Supervisor

  • 3 Operators

SGD 30 monthly

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  • 2,000 pages

  • 1 Admin, 2 Supervisor

  • 6 Operators

SGD 100 monthly

*7% GST is applicable on the monthly subscription

Contact us

DataPost Pte Ltd
A member of the ADERA Global Group of Companies
4 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139960

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