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Climate Action starts with Organizations

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Consumers are doing their part with reusable bags, straws and recycling waste. At ADERA, we believe that climate action should be part of any organization’s agenda.

At ADERA Global, not only do we care about the products and services that we provide to our customers, we also care about the impact and externalities that our supply chain has on our planet. Sustainability is one of our core priorities when it comes to business practices, segmented into 3 main pillars: Recycling, Technology and Reducing Emissions.

With the announcement of SG Green Plan 2030, ADERA recognises the challenges faced in moving towards a zero emission country, especially as the regional market leader in data printing through our subsidiaries DataPost Pte Ltd and Novation Solutions Limited, we are committed to be part of this collective effort by disrupting our business through engaging our clients to transform with us.

We have set an ambitious plan to evolve from printing millions of data impressions a year, turning it into software format, digitising their needs, from documents of policies, statements to invoices:

Pillar One: Reducing Emissions

  • Set percentage or quantifiable goals of how much paper we can cut down

  • Save on operating costs as well as further reduces carbon footprint due to electronic mail compared to physical mailing of invoices which requires the use of a motor vehicle

  • Adopt a virtual office policy to reduce carbon emissions from staff commute

Pillar Two: Technology

  • Launched Digitalisation-as-a-Service in 2019

  • Certified as a Peppol access point to provide InvoiceNow to companies to digitise their invoicing processes

Pillar Three: Recycling

  • Establish a recycling program through engaging recycling service providers

  • Establish a maintenance program for waste generation reduction by introducing policies that stresses on corrective and preventive measures

  • Conduct a waste audit to identify areas of wastage

  • Make production processes more efficient through identifying changes needed in the management of materials such as reducing packaging waste, purchasing only the amount needed for production run etc.

The ADERA Group of companies strive to reach the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Stay tuned for our impact through our sustainability commitment, or contact us at to learn about InvoiceNow or for more information.

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