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DataPost and Cobo Singapore Establishes Joint Venture to Launch ‘KSB Cobo’ for Financial Institutes

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Singapore, September 30, 2022 — Datapost, a market leader in Secured Data Handling services in South-East Asia, signed a joint venture with Cobo, Asia Pacific’s largest digital asset custodian and blockchain technology provider.

In today’s fast paced and evolving digital economy, digital assets are quickly on the rise and have been envisioned to be the next revolution for financial products and solutions and hence, coining the term, ‘The Future of The Digital Economy’. Emerging from this, DataPost has partnered with Cobo, to offer ‘Secured Data Handling Services’ aligned with Cobo’s digital asset custodian services to be a key player in meeting the custodial needs of Singapore’s financial institutions via its joint venture ‘KSB Cobo (Key Safe Bank Cobo)’.

Present at the joint venture was, Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament and CEO of Business China, Lennon Tan, President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation, Group Chairman & Co-Founder of ADERA Group, Marvin Tan, Director of DataPost, Group Executive Director & Co-Founder of ADERA Group, Chia Hock Lai, Co-Chairman of Blockchain Association of Singapore, Shadab Taiyabi, President at Singapore FinTech Association, and Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer of MAS, along with other significant keynote guests from MetaMask Institutional, MarketNode, Rajah & Tann, Deloitte, A&T Capital, HashKey, and Fenbushi Capital.

As the markets adapt and adjust to the new digital economy, both DataPost Pte Ltd and Cobo Global Ltd, look forward to use their best talents and expertise together to create an efficient and secure digital environment for all stakeholders.

“Datapost has been in the trusted services business for more than 2 decades. We hope to provide a new range of services for our corporate clients. With KSB Cobo, we hope to provide both centralized and decentralized custodian services for Corporates. We are not in the space of speculating the values of cryptocurrencies or digital art pieces. We are investing into providing such services because we predict the needs to safeguard this class of assets will continue to grow exponentially.

Digital Assets class is not just starting to be part of an individual’s class of assets but also showing up on the Balance Sheets of Corporates. The importance to safekeep this class of assets is the same as protecting a physical asset (i.e. laptops or cash) in the physical world. Such services allow corporates to have proper processes to manage their assets in the metaverse. Watch this space!”, said Dr Marvin Tan, Group Executive Director and Co-founder of ADERA Global, the parent company of DataPost.

“We look forward to working with Cobo to roll out Cobo’s custodian services in Singapore and make KSB Cobo a success”, said Kevin Lim, Chief Executive Officer of DataPost, a subsidiary of the ADERA Global group of companies.

“When financial institutions want to offer digital assets as alternative investments for their clients, they need the capabilities to securely store and safe-keep the digital assets for their clients. This is what Cobo aims to supplement with its blockchain and custodial technology solutions”, said Dr Jiang Changhao, CTO and Co-Founder of Cobo.



With over 25 years of Secured Data Handling experience, DataPost proves to be the largest service bureau in Southeast Asia. Handling secured data services, DataPost is the largest entity of this industry in Singapore, with the capacity and capability to process data into various digital and physical output. With experience and proficiency in providing over 40 million impressions per month, DataPost is endorsed as the trusted industry leader and a Secured Data Handling Business Service provider.

For more information, please visit the website at

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