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Feeling unsure about E-Invoice? Take a look at these advantages to see if it's right for you.

Not sure about e-invoicing? Here are the benefits of using InvoiceNow, an e-invoice solution supported by IMDA for companies to merge from manual invoice to e-invoice.

With InvoiceNow, you will be able to send and receive e-invoices with ease directly into your accounting/ERP system. DataPost has years of experience in secured data handling, and our e-invoicing services will definitely help you automate securely and effectively.

Contact us at to find out how your organization can join InvoiceNow to start your e-invoicing journey.

Furthermore, your organization may be eligible for grants provided by IMDA. Full details on the IMDA grants can be found here.

Kick off your e-invoicing journey with us by emailing us at to register your interest, or if you have any queries.

See you on this journey soon!

Warm regards,

DataPost Team

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